Thursday, July 9, 2015

Health is Wealth: Good food breeds good health

In today’s fast paced world, our life and lifestyle is nothing but a race. And while adopting this fast lifestyle, we tend to adopt ‘fast foods’ too! The science clearly says, that 70% of the health is a byproduct of what you eat! That’s some eye opening statistics.

But, as we all know, while taking care of our daily routine, challenging deliverables and meeting our commitments – we fail to take care of one BIG faster – our FOOD.

All of us enjoy heavy delicacies during winters and need to mention, these food are really fattening. But, as soon as, summer arrives, the fat belly shows up because you don’t have that sweater any more to cover up your belly. Now, to save the public images and look good, some of us try to adopt shortcuts – for examples crash diets. It has been scientifically proven that you can get rid of that extra fat in your belly by ‘eating smart’ and not by ‘not eating’. 

‘Honey diet’ is one of the smart diets that one can swear by. This is both tasty and healthy. The diet with honey gives following benefits:
1.       Controls weight and helps in weight management
2.       Substitutes sugar
3.       Increased metabolism
4.       Cures cough and cold
5.       Makes your skin glow
6.       Aids energy in your body

Dabur honey, in tie up with famous chef, has come up with various tasty and healthy recipes that can be prepared from honey. The same can be read at this link.

On the contrary, there are many dieticians who prescribe their clients with shortcuts to weight loss in form of crash diets. Yes, these diets will gives you immediate results in terms of weight loss, however, this will also lead to high long term negative health impacts and this act will haunt you for years. I know quite a few people who blindly followed crash diets but they are still struggling to get out of its side effects for more than 5 years now.

Hence, the best thing to do is ‘eat’ and eat ‘smart’. It’s very important that we feed our body every two hours and ensure that we are in-taking adequate amount of water along with the small meals. It is critical that we adopt a healthy lifestyle and start the same by adopting a healthy diet. One needs to clearly be his own watchdog and if followed religiously, one can start seeing the results within a week but it needs to be continued to sustain the results and getting better at it.

So, if you want to own a super cool figure / physique, adopt a healthy diet, adequate water in-take and 15-30 minutes of daily workout schedule. This can easily increase your life with another 10 years !
Happy healthy eating ! :)