Sunday, September 27, 2015

Entertainment on the move – Tata Sky

Work hard and party harder OR work hard and entertainment harder is my mantra. I love watching TV especially sports and movies, however given my job and its hectic travel, I miss watching the matches live and also miss out on a lot of movies. But Tata Sky has always been there to help me make up on most of the missed matches and movies if not all J

Tata Sky has been like a true friend all along. It is not possible to get hold of most of the old movies, but Tata Sky provided a wide range of channels which help satiate my urge to see great cinema J. With time the demand at my job increased and I was finding it difficult to find time to catch up on the movies but like a true friend Tata Sky came out with the recording feature which helped me record most of the movies and see them whenever I found time either during weekends or holidays!

New problems and fresh solutions. But this time due to hectic travel, the recording feature was not able to solve my issues and I was waiting what next and then comes Tata Sky like a God sent masiah – Tata Sky+ Transfer. This is just wow J. I can not only just record but transfer the movies to my mobile or tablets when I am travelling and enjoy my doze of cinema. Tata Sky like always has kept it so simple and hassle free that I feel like saying “Ye Hui Na Baat”.

Well friends, it may seem I am too big a movie buff, but movies are not just for entertainment but are great source of inspiration, knowledge, morale booster which can really work wonders if you are feeling low and down. It has worked for me and am sure can equally work for all of you.

Right mix and type of cinema is a great stressbuster for our stressful life and with friends like Tata Sky movie watching is all the most pleasurable.