Sunday, July 5, 2015

Discover how the entire family can start enjoying sports together

Fitness, Exercise, Sports are very important not only for kids but for people of all ages. Physical activities especially sports are good for complete development / growth of children and helps senor people improve / maintain their health. However, given the work at school and office, we neglect sports all together. Most kids either are good at sports or studies, but the virtues of being good at both go a long way in building a successful career.

Recently while reading about trying to imbibe the culture of sports in kids, I came across this article on Reward Me – “Discover how the entire family can start enjoying sports together” - The article brought out a very different perspective than I had. I was looking for ways to imbibe sports, exercise into my kid’s life but the article reflected the importance of sports in the entire family’s life.

The article was indeed helpful in how to educate my kids and my entire family to embrace sports. Everybody may not like to play one particular game but people have varied interest. Trying to understand their interest is the most important thing.

If your kid is not interested in any particular game, then a great idea would be to take them to watch some game / sport, so that they can soak in the atmosphere, which may light the spark in them to try and play that sport. For eg, seeing India play the WC final and win it, would have certainly made a few kids play this wonderful game. Now-a-days a host of sporting activities take place which was not the case in earlier days.

Another important point which was very helpful is trying and involving every member of the family. Some may like to find out about the history of the game, some wants to spend time doing the calculation while the others may like to play the game. This way every member of the family is involved and the kid’s whole perspective about sport changes and realizes the importance of sports.

This also helps in bringing the family together, closer. This will also help us learn about team spirit, supporting each other and taking care of each other, build confidence and stay healthy.

The article was really helpful in reflecting how the entire family can be drawn towards sport and benefit from it. However, the same would not be possible but for RewardMe. RewardMe presents a platform to general public and not necessarily bloggers, to give their views from their personal lives, which are more relevant than any fictional write-ups or stories. Thanks RewardMe for being an ally as without you, I would not have come across this wonderful article.

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