Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sachchi Advice

Ye mat karo, isse aise karo, this is not correct, you could have done better if you have worked just a little harder, you are intelligent – you should have taken science … blah blah blah … sounds familiar? Well every one of us have heard such advices from every one possible around us, be it our parents, siblings, relatives, cousins, friends, teachers, mentors etc. Though we may have felt irritated and even ngry on most of these comments, but will be always these couple of guiding words which will stuck with us and have such deep impact that it will end up shaping our life.

It happened to me too when I was at the juncture of taking one of the most important decisions of my life. Moreover, it came from a person who I don’t remember telling me anything else in my life ever and have always supported and respected my decisions.

This happened when I decided to apply for science in class 11 as most of my friends were doing so. Well it doesn’t mean that I was not good in science and was amongst the top 3 students in my school in science in class 10. But somehow I did not enjoy science as much as enjoyed economics and commerce and probably deep down wanted to go down that path.

My dad after knowing about my decision to take science was having a casual chat me with and during the discussion and made a very casual remark ‘everyone should do what they really want to do and not just because their friends / colleagues are doing’. Well though he never told me directly that I should not be taking science, but somewhere that remark stayed with me leading me to do a lot of introspection and finally I did what I should have done the first time – Apply for commerce. Well a lot of you may think, it wasn’t a big deal, I could have changed the stream post my class 12.But then if the foundation is strong, the building can resist all the turmoils!

I was able to do what I wanted and should have done and I am very happy to say – Thank You Dad, you mean the world to me, having always guided and supported me in whatever I wanted to do.

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Entertainment on the move – Tata Sky

Work hard and party harder OR work hard and entertainment harder is my mantra. I love watching TV especially sports and movies, however given my job and its hectic travel, I miss watching the matches live and also miss out on a lot of movies. But Tata Sky has always been there to help me make up on most of the missed matches and movies if not all J

Tata Sky has been like a true friend all along. It is not possible to get hold of most of the old movies, but Tata Sky provided a wide range of channels which help satiate my urge to see great cinema J. With time the demand at my job increased and I was finding it difficult to find time to catch up on the movies but like a true friend Tata Sky came out with the recording feature which helped me record most of the movies and see them whenever I found time either during weekends or holidays!

New problems and fresh solutions. But this time due to hectic travel, the recording feature was not able to solve my issues and I was waiting what next and then comes Tata Sky like a God sent masiah – Tata Sky+ Transfer. This is just wow J. I can not only just record but transfer the movies to my mobile or tablets when I am travelling and enjoy my doze of cinema. Tata Sky like always has kept it so simple and hassle free that I feel like saying “Ye Hui Na Baat”.

Well friends, it may seem I am too big a movie buff, but movies are not just for entertainment but are great source of inspiration, knowledge, morale booster which can really work wonders if you are feeling low and down. It has worked for me and am sure can equally work for all of you.

Right mix and type of cinema is a great stressbuster for our stressful life and with friends like Tata Sky movie watching is all the most pleasurable.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Health is Wealth: Good food breeds good health

In today’s fast paced world, our life and lifestyle is nothing but a race. And while adopting this fast lifestyle, we tend to adopt ‘fast foods’ too! The science clearly says, that 70% of the health is a byproduct of what you eat! That’s some eye opening statistics.

But, as we all know, while taking care of our daily routine, challenging deliverables and meeting our commitments – we fail to take care of one BIG faster – our FOOD.

All of us enjoy heavy delicacies during winters and need to mention, these food are really fattening. But, as soon as, summer arrives, the fat belly shows up because you don’t have that sweater any more to cover up your belly. Now, to save the public images and look good, some of us try to adopt shortcuts – for examples crash diets. It has been scientifically proven that you can get rid of that extra fat in your belly by ‘eating smart’ and not by ‘not eating’. 

‘Honey diet’ is one of the smart diets that one can swear by. This is both tasty and healthy. The diet with honey gives following benefits:
1.       Controls weight and helps in weight management
2.       Substitutes sugar
3.       Increased metabolism
4.       Cures cough and cold
5.       Makes your skin glow
6.       Aids energy in your body

Dabur honey, in tie up with famous chef, has come up with various tasty and healthy recipes that can be prepared from honey. The same can be read at this link.

On the contrary, there are many dieticians who prescribe their clients with shortcuts to weight loss in form of crash diets. Yes, these diets will gives you immediate results in terms of weight loss, however, this will also lead to high long term negative health impacts and this act will haunt you for years. I know quite a few people who blindly followed crash diets but they are still struggling to get out of its side effects for more than 5 years now.

Hence, the best thing to do is ‘eat’ and eat ‘smart’. It’s very important that we feed our body every two hours and ensure that we are in-taking adequate amount of water along with the small meals. It is critical that we adopt a healthy lifestyle and start the same by adopting a healthy diet. One needs to clearly be his own watchdog and if followed religiously, one can start seeing the results within a week but it needs to be continued to sustain the results and getting better at it.

So, if you want to own a super cool figure / physique, adopt a healthy diet, adequate water in-take and 15-30 minutes of daily workout schedule. This can easily increase your life with another 10 years !
Happy healthy eating ! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cricket at its Best! Anywhere, Everywhere …

Cricket is a religion in India which is followed by all, it is a festival in India celebrated by all, it is the only common thread between all Indians, it trespasses all boundaries of religion, caste, creed, sex, age etc. Nothing gives an Indian more joy than seeing the Indian cricket team win matches. With happiness comes heart break from defeats, but then it is part and parcel of any game. As true fans of the game, we want to see great cricketing contest and stay connected with the game anywhere and everywhere.

During the 80-90s, all cricket matches were not telecast and people had to hear the commentary on radios and / or read cricket magazines. With the advent of technology, all cricket matches started getting telecast from across the world. The picture quality improved, analysis improved and the overall experience of watching the match improved manifold times.

Watching cricket is like an addiction. Fans get up any hour of the night to watch the matches, which may lead to missing school, offices, social functions, important family events leading to frictions, but they still loved the game. With internet, people in offices got opportunity to get score updates and ball by ball commentary on the cricketing websites; however majority of fans did not have access to internet. With improvement in internet speed, we were able to stream matches on the internet and had no longer to remain glued to the television.

However, even in the 21st century, a large part of India resided in the rural areas, with no electricity, televisions or cable connections. The masses were missing their favorite game, but somewhere the game was also losing the love of millions of Indian fans.

With the advent of Smart phones, various cricketing apps and high speed internet, we are now connected to our favourite game anywhere and everywhere. The viewing experience on the smart phones has improved; we get faster ball by ball commentary and not just delayed updates. Cricketing apps also provides updated news on the game and we no longer have to read newspapers or watch news to find out about the game. Smart phones have also brought people from the rural India closer to the game. These fans can now see the matches on their smart phones.

No matter, how advanced technology has become, we in India, still faces issues around the speed of internet and the browsing experience has become better but not great. We still need faster browser and UC browser is answer to our woes. It also has UC cricket, which is a dedicated space for every cricket fan, so that the fans can easily remain connected with the game and get all the information about the game, be it scores, news, events etc in one place. With UC browser and UC cricket, we can remain connected with the game while not missing out on all the little things in our life.

Cricket is passion for most Indians and with a better browser experience, this passion is bound to increase and every fan can enjoy this gentleman’s game to the fullest.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Playlist - Dance Masti - Full Dhamaal ...!!

Who doesn’t like to dance, I do certainly. Be it party, clubbing, festivals, weddings, get together, I am always one of the first few to hit the dance floor to enjoy. But what is a party without a set of peppy songs on which you can groove the night out. So, here I am with my latest playlist with some of the most happening songs.

Sooraj Dooba Hain – A very soothing song with great music. The song is one of my favourites as it has both slow and fast track and is perfect to dance with your lady love

Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai – One of the peppiest song of the recent time and I just love the fast beats. The song is great to kick start any party and in no time the dance floor will be full of people grooving to this song.

Jumme ki Raat – A very Salman Khan type song, great to emulate the crazy dance steps which is perfect for everyone. A full fun song

London Thumakda – The song was part of every sangeet and weddings during the last year. A great song for family members to come and dance together. Great lyrics, especially the Punjabi part in the middle of the song which provided it a regional flavour.
Party on My Mind – A peppy number to groove on and a must for any party. The moves are great and music is happening which will not let you sit

Lat Lag Gayee – This is just a wow song, great music and great dance. Have danced on this song for hours and enjoyed myself to the hilt.

Move Your Body Now – A very international feel song and a must in the playlist of any DJ. Great song to be played in clubs

Aai Paapi – Nice grooving song, you can dance on it and show your dance moves :)

Dil Main Baji Guitar – Not a typical party song, but a fun song to dance on with friends and family. Has a naughty flavor to it J Just enjoy dancing on it.

And finally; “Colgate Taazgi Ka Dhamaka” music video - What lyrics, and what dance moves, a complete dance song. It can bring liveliness to any party and any environment. The song can be played at any occasion, be it wedding (as shown in the video), parties, college fest etc. The video is like “Colgate Max Fresh” – freshens up the entire atmosphere.
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Music , Danse, Masti – Liven up any atmosphere !

Music is passion for some, for others it is a way to relax, and for some others a way to unwind. Occasions can be different and so can be the mood but the common thread across all of these is music. Be it a jam session, party, festivals, weddings, romantic drive, or a date, music adds to the atmosphere and make every occasion memorable.

Dance and music go hand in hand :) It is not important whether you know how to dance but if you dance from your heart, you will enjoy it and so will people around you. Below are some of the dance steps which can be used on various occasions and freshen up the moment. 

The above dance move can be used in weddings and festivals. Also college jam sessions are not a bad idea, as we go crazy with friends and do crazy steps to add to the fun.

The above dance movies apt to be used during festivals especially “Dahi-Handi” and “Holi” etc :)

The above dance step can be used during Sangeet functions or any dance competitions and it will surely bring lot of cheers.
The above dance move can be complemented with any other dance move to add to the oomph factor.
The above it the traditional nagin dance which is a must to do move during weddings :) However, given the fun associated with the dance move, it can be done anywhere, in any occasion and will surely move people around you to join in.
The above move can be used in occasions wherein you are part of the Group dance such as sangeet and weddings.

The above is typical rowdy dance step being done by friends once they are drunk and are not bothered as to where they are. It’s a no holds bar, anytime, anywhere dance step !
The above dance step can be used in any social gathering, traditional dance competition, weddings etc. Can be performed by people of all age group.

The above few dance steps are apt for weddings. These are very catchy and will involve everyone from the family and friends. Simple steps and everyone can easily emulate it and have fun.
The above is best suited for dance parties and clubs.

The above few dance steps are to showcase your dancing talent in competitions. While you dance, people will definitely encourage and applaud your moves.

The above step is icing on the cake and can be used to conclude your performance.

Though different dance steps are used for specific genre of songs and occasions, but if you dance from your heart and to enjoy the moment, it does not matter what is the song, the tune, the music, the notes. The only thing which matters is your dance steps livens up the moment and your family / friends are enjoying with you :)

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