Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cleaning your house can be Simple & Fun too !

Do you like a dirty house ? - 'No'
Do you like a cluttered house ? - 'No'
Do you love clean your house that gets cluttered every few days ? - The answer once again is 'No'

Though we know. 'Cleanliness is Godliness', but that cleanliness comes with a lot of hard work.
Being a working woman, I can really understand the challenge of keeping your house organized and uncluttered throughout the week/ month/ year - as we never want to waste our weekend/ holiday cleaning our house only. Hence, to achieve a perfect balance, I adopt few tips and tricks which works well to keep your house clean as well as the efforts won't feel annoying too. Here goes those tricks:

1. Get rid of the things that you haven't used in last 6 months.
If you haven't used something in last 6 months, probably you don't need it ! Please donate these stuff and push them out of your house. However, there can be a case when you want to keep some of those stuffs as memories or for using it once in few years time. If that's the case, pl find a separate place for these things and create space in easily accessible areas in your house. This activity can be done once in 3 months by contributing 2 hours over a weekend.

2. Divide and organise
Divide your house into different zones and create owners of those zones among your family members - to keep that zone clean, uncluttered and most sort after place in the house. This will be a good fun and positive internal competition within the house.

3. Standard work
The activity which are routine require same stuff for those activities. So, 'standard work' comes very handy here. All such things should have a assigned place and specific area in the house which is easy to access and sustain.

4. 20 minutes daily
Block your calendar for 20 minutes daily to clean your house and ensure that you are doing a different activity everyday. This will become something like your daily exercise routine. This will help you burn calories and can be a part of your routine work out sessions.

5. Enjoy and decorate
It is very important that you are positive when you are cleaning your house. This ensures positive energy in your house. Enjoy the cleaning part and then the decoration of your house. Try different combinations of furniture arrangements. you can change the set every 6 months, if your furniture is moveable.

6. Appreciate yourself
Once you have cleaned the house, you deserve an appreciation. Hence, treat yourself with good food or a good outing.

Japanese have a concept call 5S - Set in order, Sort, Shine, Standardize, Sustain.
This is an awesome concept and once you start following the same, keep your house clean will no more be a challenging job.

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