Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Family Life – Family Bonding - Planning a vacation can be very Exciting and increase Bonding & Love

Vacations :) We all love them!! Whether it is a weekend trip or a long vacation to a far off place in India or abroad, we just love the sound of vacations. But more often than not, we try to book holiday packages, especially while traveling to other countries / cities, as we do not want to spend time doing multiple bookings for travel, stay and excursions. Also, there is always a fear that something may go wrong and could spoil the vacation.

But are we not missing on the excitement of planning our own trip, the way we want, keeping a few things unplanned and rather than having a set agenda which may sometimes (on most occasions) become too exhausting and fails the very idea of vacations.

Well then, try and plan your vacation with your spouse and you will be surprised to find the difference. The excitement will start from the day you start thinking / planning the vacation and will last even after your vacation is over. In fact, the entire process of planning and finalizing the vacation in itself is an experience, which you will cherish. An opportunity to learn so much more about your partner and it will lead to increase in the bonding and love.

The initial process remains the same whether you book the vacation yourself or through the travel agent. In both cases you need to decide the place and dates. But the real excitement starts once you start researching about the place, things to do, hotels, excursions, learning about local culture, cuisines, shopping areas, specialties etc etc. The below are some of my experiences which may be helpful:

·         Jointly decide the type of vacation you want – romantic & relaxing, adventurous, filled with excursions, hills, beaches etc – This will help in narrowing down on the place you want to go.
·         Divide the work between you and your partner. Like who will take care of the travel, hotels, excursions etc
·         Spend time doing your research – it is like virtually exploring the place before going there. You will find out there are lot of things you can do which are not part of any travel itinerary. Blogs from travelers are the most helpful as per my experience.
·         Don’t book anything in a hurry! Accumulate all the research and discuss with each other. There is bound to be arguments, but it is a great way to explore each others' views.
·         Do not book everything before going on the trip, leave a few things to be decided on the spot depending upon your mood and time in hand. For example, there will be instances wherein you would like to meet the guys before any adventure sport such as scuba diving.
·         Also if you don’t book everything in advance, you will have all the time to explore the place the way you want. As there will be no one to tell you when to get up, get in the bus, move on from a certain place when you like to spend more time at a particular spot.
·         This also helps in exploring the local culture and local cuisine.

The above is not an exhaustive to do list, as all of us like to do things differently. However, a few of the above can be very useful. It has been for me surely.

Whether you plan your vacation on your own or take a fixed itinerary from a travel firm, vacations are always lovely. However, planning your own travel, can increase the excitement level of the trip, chances are it may help in exploring the place much better and will definitely help in learning & understanding so much more about your partner.

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