Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Playlist - Dance Masti - Full Dhamaal ...!!

Who doesn’t like to dance, I do certainly. Be it party, clubbing, festivals, weddings, get together, I am always one of the first few to hit the dance floor to enjoy. But what is a party without a set of peppy songs on which you can groove the night out. So, here I am with my latest playlist with some of the most happening songs.

Sooraj Dooba Hain – A very soothing song with great music. The song is one of my favourites as it has both slow and fast track and is perfect to dance with your lady love

Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai – One of the peppiest song of the recent time and I just love the fast beats. The song is great to kick start any party and in no time the dance floor will be full of people grooving to this song.

Jumme ki Raat – A very Salman Khan type song, great to emulate the crazy dance steps which is perfect for everyone. A full fun song

London Thumakda – The song was part of every sangeet and weddings during the last year. A great song for family members to come and dance together. Great lyrics, especially the Punjabi part in the middle of the song which provided it a regional flavour.
Party on My Mind – A peppy number to groove on and a must for any party. The moves are great and music is happening which will not let you sit

Lat Lag Gayee – This is just a wow song, great music and great dance. Have danced on this song for hours and enjoyed myself to the hilt.

Move Your Body Now – A very international feel song and a must in the playlist of any DJ. Great song to be played in clubs

Aai Paapi – Nice grooving song, you can dance on it and show your dance moves :)

Dil Main Baji Guitar – Not a typical party song, but a fun song to dance on with friends and family. Has a naughty flavor to it J Just enjoy dancing on it.

And finally; “Colgate Taazgi Ka Dhamaka” music video - What lyrics, and what dance moves, a complete dance song. It can bring liveliness to any party and any environment. The song can be played at any occasion, be it wedding (as shown in the video), parties, college fest etc. The video is like “Colgate Max Fresh” – freshens up the entire atmosphere.
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