Sunday, July 5, 2015

8 Ways To A Work-LifeBalance

In this fast paced life, 24 hours seem way less than what we require! Either we are not able to do justice to our work or we miss spending adequate time with family and if we are able to somehow manage the above too, there is no ME time.

Time Management hence becomes one of the most important aspects, which helps to manage your professional, personal, social life. I came across this article in Reward ME – 8 Ways To A Work-LifeBalance-, which provides simple but effective solutions to manage your time efficiently.

The article was very helpful as it was written in a very simple way without usage of any so called management lingo making it an interesting read or else most of the articles become very boring.  While reading the article, I felt that it was written for me J as most of the points covered are exactly the issues which I face in my daily life. Moreover, I felt that if I can try and use some of the solutions mentioned in the article it will help me cut down on a significant part of the issues faced by me as I find myself doing a lot of things at the same time.

The article also captures how technology has really shrunk boundaries and how social media has taken over our lives. Most people are seen fiddling with their smart phones while spending time together which is not correct. Also with advancement in technology, all of us have started bringing work home in form of emails, con-calls etc. When the technology was not so advanced (which was not too long back, especially in India), everything used to get done. We can still continue with the same philosophy, but in the heed to achieve fast career growth, we tend to give our professional work higher priority over all other equally or more important stuffs in our lives.

The article also provides how you can give some time to your family, spouse, and children every day, which will help you maintain a fine balance between work and personal life. The ideas mentioned are very simple and it felt, why and how did I miss some of these things. It also touches upon a very important point on Me-Time. We almost forget to give ourselves time which is very important for introspection so following our hobbies which is important for satisfying your inner needs.

The article finally makes the killing by bouncing the ball in your court by asking the most important question “What you want from your life”. Most of us know this but dread to answer this question, as we know that we are not doing what we feel or want to do.

We have just one life and there are a lot of things to do or not to do. But staying happy and enjoying with the ones we cherish should be the most important thing. And I feel, once we decide this and try to live by this rest everything will fall in place.

Well, the article was really helpful and thought provoking, however the same would not be possible but for RewardMe. RewardMe presents a platform to general public and not necessarily bloggers, to give their views from their personal lives, which are more relevant than any fictional write-ups or stories. Thanks RewardMe for being an ally as without you, I would not have come across this wonderful article which will help me sort out some of the issues in my life.

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