Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cricket at its Best! Anywhere, Everywhere …

Cricket is a religion in India which is followed by all, it is a festival in India celebrated by all, it is the only common thread between all Indians, it trespasses all boundaries of religion, caste, creed, sex, age etc. Nothing gives an Indian more joy than seeing the Indian cricket team win matches. With happiness comes heart break from defeats, but then it is part and parcel of any game. As true fans of the game, we want to see great cricketing contest and stay connected with the game anywhere and everywhere.

During the 80-90s, all cricket matches were not telecast and people had to hear the commentary on radios and / or read cricket magazines. With the advent of technology, all cricket matches started getting telecast from across the world. The picture quality improved, analysis improved and the overall experience of watching the match improved manifold times.

Watching cricket is like an addiction. Fans get up any hour of the night to watch the matches, which may lead to missing school, offices, social functions, important family events leading to frictions, but they still loved the game. With internet, people in offices got opportunity to get score updates and ball by ball commentary on the cricketing websites; however majority of fans did not have access to internet. With improvement in internet speed, we were able to stream matches on the internet and had no longer to remain glued to the television.

However, even in the 21st century, a large part of India resided in the rural areas, with no electricity, televisions or cable connections. The masses were missing their favorite game, but somewhere the game was also losing the love of millions of Indian fans.

With the advent of Smart phones, various cricketing apps and high speed internet, we are now connected to our favourite game anywhere and everywhere. The viewing experience on the smart phones has improved; we get faster ball by ball commentary and not just delayed updates. Cricketing apps also provides updated news on the game and we no longer have to read newspapers or watch news to find out about the game. Smart phones have also brought people from the rural India closer to the game. These fans can now see the matches on their smart phones.

No matter, how advanced technology has become, we in India, still faces issues around the speed of internet and the browsing experience has become better but not great. We still need faster browser and UC browser is answer to our woes. It also has UC cricket, which is a dedicated space for every cricket fan, so that the fans can easily remain connected with the game and get all the information about the game, be it scores, news, events etc in one place. With UC browser and UC cricket, we can remain connected with the game while not missing out on all the little things in our life.

Cricket is passion for most Indians and with a better browser experience, this passion is bound to increase and every fan can enjoy this gentleman’s game to the fullest.