Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Music , Danse, Masti – Liven up any atmosphere !

Music is passion for some, for others it is a way to relax, and for some others a way to unwind. Occasions can be different and so can be the mood but the common thread across all of these is music. Be it a jam session, party, festivals, weddings, romantic drive, or a date, music adds to the atmosphere and make every occasion memorable.

Dance and music go hand in hand :) It is not important whether you know how to dance but if you dance from your heart, you will enjoy it and so will people around you. Below are some of the dance steps which can be used on various occasions and freshen up the moment. 

The above dance move can be used in weddings and festivals. Also college jam sessions are not a bad idea, as we go crazy with friends and do crazy steps to add to the fun.

The above dance movies apt to be used during festivals especially “Dahi-Handi” and “Holi” etc :)

The above dance step can be used during Sangeet functions or any dance competitions and it will surely bring lot of cheers.
The above dance move can be complemented with any other dance move to add to the oomph factor.
The above it the traditional nagin dance which is a must to do move during weddings :) However, given the fun associated with the dance move, it can be done anywhere, in any occasion and will surely move people around you to join in.
The above move can be used in occasions wherein you are part of the Group dance such as sangeet and weddings.

The above is typical rowdy dance step being done by friends once they are drunk and are not bothered as to where they are. It’s a no holds bar, anytime, anywhere dance step !
The above dance step can be used in any social gathering, traditional dance competition, weddings etc. Can be performed by people of all age group.

The above few dance steps are apt for weddings. These are very catchy and will involve everyone from the family and friends. Simple steps and everyone can easily emulate it and have fun.
The above is best suited for dance parties and clubs.

The above few dance steps are to showcase your dancing talent in competitions. While you dance, people will definitely encourage and applaud your moves.

The above step is icing on the cake and can be used to conclude your performance.

Though different dance steps are used for specific genre of songs and occasions, but if you dance from your heart and to enjoy the moment, it does not matter what is the song, the tune, the music, the notes. The only thing which matters is your dance steps livens up the moment and your family / friends are enjoying with you :)

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