Saturday, June 20, 2015

#SmellyToSmiley -- The Ambi Pur magic !

Bad Odour spoils everyone’s mood; be it your clothes, shoes, garbage, food but think about the situation when your home itself starts smelling bad - difficult isn’t it ? This happens to each one of us, especially during rains. Due to high humidity level, everything in the home absorbs moisture and starts smelling bad. No matter how much you try to keep things clean and dry, even the fresh clothes and bed sheets have that peculiar irritating smell which you cannot withstand.

We face all sorts of smell in our home and the same increases during rains. Especially in India where it rains for close to 4 months, things become even more difficult. During rains, we face bad smell everywhere, clothes, bed sheets, shoes cases, cupboards, bathroom and even our car becomes smelly. But of all the foul smell, smelly bed sheets, pillows etc and smelly car is the biggest problem to kill. Ambi Pur fragrance comes to rescue here. Ambi Pur Air Effects versus Regular Aerosols does not just help by covering the odours it helps remove them completely! I an sharing a few examples below:

After a tiring day at work, we want to just relax and sleep peacefully but the smelly linen makes life difficult. Even the fresh linen smells and we do not know what to do. We have tried doing everything from regularly replacing the linen to lighting aroma candles, using regular aerosols but given the humidity nothing works for more than couple of hours. Due to inadequate sleep, we feel like zombies not able to focus on anything, neither at work nor at home.

We love rains and Monsoon is the best season to go on weekend trips. The rain, getting drenched, long drive, the hot chai makes everything very special; however there is something which is always there to spoil your mood is your car. No matter how much and whatever we try, the stinking smell of our car never ceases to go, the worst spoilsport for a perfect trip! We have tried everything from different flavors of car fresheners, keeping the windows open but the impact is only temporary. Moreover some of the car fresheners are so strong that its smell irritates us more than the foul smell of our car.

Then we came across Ambi Pur and we were just WOW! The best air freshener we have ever used. It does not just last long but removes the bad smell all together. The fragrance is not very loud to leave its mark in place of the foul smell which sometimes becomes an irritant in itself. And the best part is Ambi Pur takes care of all our requirements, be it rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, car and we do not have to keep searching specific fresheners for our specific requirements.

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