Saturday, March 14, 2015

Togetherness makes everything possible

Scuba diving in Krabi with my wife has been the most memorable day in my life so far.

To begin with, I do not know how to swim and for that matter I even fear to go in water with support gears such as inflatable tubes or life jackets. And we were thinking of a Scuba dive, in the beautiful waters of Krabi, one of the most pristine waters in the world.

Though we decided to do the beginners dive with an affiliated diving centre, in the company of a well trained and experienced diver, the fear of water was overpowering me. But with my wife’s constant support and positive attitude towards life made me take the plunge and we enrolled for the dive which was to be an hour long sojourn in the deep waters of Krabi.

We started our journey towards the middle of the Ocean where we were to be given elementary training before the dive but the sight of the gears brought back the fear in my mind which was very evident on my face. Seeing my situation, my better half (well my best half) came up to me, held my hand and with her contagious smile said 'Come on! Let’s explore the most beautiful place on Earth #together.

She helped me put on my gears which had a very calming effect on me. To boost my confidence, she went ahead and took the first training dive. She was always close to me, giving me the required positivity to boost my confidence. I #lookup to her when it comes to water :)

The drive started and once we were in the waters going down, she kept on motivating me through signals and was always smiling through her beautiful eyes, which is very difficult to do under waters especially if it is your first dive. We completed our first dive which lasted for 20 minutes and experience was incredible. More than the beautiful corals and wide range of fishes it was me overcoming my worst fear of water which gave me so much of happiness and this was all due to my partner.

The next dive lasted long and we enjoyed more than the first one as now I was more comfortable and was enjoying the beauty even more. Once out of the water, I sat tightly hugging my wife with tears rolling down my cheeks, tears of thanks, tears of happiness, tears of being together ….

That day proved to be not only the most MEMORABLE day in my life but also CHANGED ME as a person. It taught me that fear of anything is just a mental thing and if we want we can overcome any fear of ours. It instilled a feeling of optimism in me that anything and everything is achievable. But all this would not have been possible without my partner in crime, my wife.