Saturday, March 7, 2015

Laziness - THE attribute to success & invention

Bablu, a 20 year old boy from Nalhati, is the only 'man' in the family to support his mother and two little sisters. To top that up, he is the laziest person in the village and everyone thought him to be useless. Hence, he was unemployed even after applying for jobs at various organization.

The family has become hopeless and had given it to the destiny. There was no ray of hope or survival.
Bablu has put up a tea stall to earn two meals a day for his family.

One fine day, there was a big politician visiting the village. The politician had announced that out of the 20 villages he visits, he will select one village and award under the subject 'Invent & Simplify'.

Noone in Nalhati could come up with any brilliant idea.

The day arrived and the politician while roaming around the village ended up at Bablu's stall to take a tea break.
And obviously, with the politician came his entire gang and some senior villagers who were there as escorts.
Out of sheer laziness, Bablu installed a fan near his chulha - so that he needn't blow hand fan again and again to keep the chulha running. With this, he could serve tea to all the people in just 15 minutes.

Politician got extremely impressed by his invention of putting a fan near the chulha and the way it simplified the process of making the tea in that stall. He announced the award for Nalhati, Rs. 5 crore government project for the village and Bablu got Rs. 1 lac as the gift of being the most innovative person in the district.

This incident made all Nalhati villagers changed their attitude towards Bablu. Suddenly all the negativity for Bablu turned into positivity :)

Bablu's family is living happily now and Bablu is the most famous person not only in Nalhati but in entire district !! :)

Cheers !!