Sunday, March 22, 2015

Open Happines, Spread Happiness!

Happiness is nothing but one’s state of mind and happiness to me means…

Being in a happy state of mind
Being calm
Being cheerful
Being all smileys
Being with the feeling of excitement
Being motivated
Being together
Being ME !!

.. and all such state of mind is achieved from ‘small’ little things in life.. Things like..

A morning hug
That special chai
Sundays with no alarms
Beach walk
The suspense in movie’s climax
A day long shopping
The sunset from room
An unplanned holiday
The nonsensical fight with your beloved
One chip in the packet with 4 hands.. the last slice of pizza
The melting chocolate            
The tub full of ice cream
Those nicknames by friends
The pranks and the laughter thereafter
.. and I can go on and on..

So, what makes me “happy” ?

Happiness for me is spending time with my love my wife, seeing smile on her face, doing things together, seeing her sleep peacefully after a hard day’s work.

Happiness is seeing my love’s teary eyes after having spicy goal-gappas and her wish to have one more :)

Happiness is her expressions when I surprise her with a red rose without any occasion, walking together hand in hand, a long drive …..

Happiness is dancing together, singing together in our woeful voices, fighting with each other and then cuddling to make up with each other.

Happiness is sitting down on the beach watching the sunset and remembering the time spent together, the first date, the first dinner, the first movie, the first holiday, the first kiss, the first of all the things done together…… Happiness is finding joy in every small thing in life I do with my love. Happiness is being together :)

Happiness is my kid. Though I am not a father yet, but the thought of those two little feet and two little hands, gives me goose-bumps. Re-living those childhood days with my bundle of joy, and playing with the junior me J Answering those silly unending questions which no longer seem silly. The mere thought of my kid gives me that ultimate happiness that I feel at the seventh heaven.

Happiness is spending time with your family and friends. Pulling each other’s leg, remembering those old times spent together. Happiness is in doing something for someone when it is not expected, bringing cheer in the life of people around you, be it - Guiding your maid’s child, asking about the wellbeing of your driver’s family or greeting your office boy. A small act of yours brings a sense of belongingness in them, which is by far more important than money. And the calmness on their face, their little smile makes me happy.

I strongly feel that the ultimate purpose of life is to be “Happy” !