Monday, March 23, 2015

Din ki Shuruwat … Guptaji ke Ghar Kelloggs ke Saath!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one should eat breakfast like a KING. A good breakfast will give you enough energy to last the entire day. Tabhi kehte hai din ki shuruwat Kelloggs ke saath!

Eating the same breakfast everyday is so boring and we end up either not eating it at all or not eating the required quantity. How about having tasty, delicious yet nutritious breakfast …. Sounds Yummy J but where we will get such variety and delicious breakfast …. Well, our next door neighbour “Guptaji”

You must have started dreaming about aalu ke parathe, kachoris, samosas …. Well, these are all just delicious but not healthy …. Healthy is what Mrs Guptaji makes and that’s why her kids and her husband seems to be so happy every morning ….. Acche din ki shuruwat, Anaaj ke naste ke saath !

Mrs Gupta makes different dishes every morning using Kelloggs cornflakes and we all agree that cornflakes is one of the healthiest breakfast option but then, CORNFLAKES….. that too everyday! Sounds kind of boring …. Well then, imagine “Strawberry & Banana Cornflakes”, “Sitaphal Cornflakes”, “Chatpatti cornflakes chivda”, “Cornflakes salad”, “Walnut Cornflakes Choco Balls” and “Cornflake Coconut ladoos” …  now what do you have to say, mouth watering, delicious, yummy ….. but don’t forget all the above dishes are also light, nutritious, healthy, oil free and easy to digest.

The most amazing part of it is going to Guptaji’s home for Nasta because you will get all the above dishes (5 course meal) together if you are invited. Start with Strawberry & banana cornflakes, then salads, then chatpatti chivda, followed by walnut choco balls and wrap up with cornflakes coconut ladoos. Wow! You may feel full but light even after gorging on all these dishes at one go :P

Cornflakes is one of the best meal replacement so we end up eating fewer calories and fat than we would have normally done, which in turn helps in weight loss or weight maintenance and keeps everyone healthy.

Cornflakes is for the entire family, be it the little Ravi or lovely Rea, papa, mummy, dada, dadi – sab ke liye cornflakes. And that’s what makes Guptaji’s family unique and special! Everyone is always so eager to get invited by Guptaji for breakfast because one knows that such innovative and unique delicious dishes are found at only one stop destination – Apne guptaji ka Ghar #KelloggsWaleGuptaji ;)

One base, many recipes, and a Happy Family! A Happy Healthy Family is one which Stays together and Eats together and this is what Guptaji’s family is and hence everyone would love to visit and inculcate the healthy yet tasty breakfast eating habits.

Kudos to Guptaji ! Thanks to Kelloggs !

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