Sunday, March 22, 2015

#ChooseToStart living your Dreams

“Everyone dies... However, not everyone lives”

Manisha, a small town girl, was born and brought in a middle class family. She grew up to be a smart educated girl. But being from a small town, she got little exposure to bring out the talent she possessed. At the age of 19, she was married to a rich businessman, who too resided in another small town.

Being a well-educated talented female, Manisha had lots of dreams, she was very creative and she had that zeal to live her dreams. However, she got tied to a small town as a homemaker with very little to no exposure to the outer world. Now, she is 52 with two kids, both kids are now married and happily settled.

Years passed by, but the inner Manisha still has those dreams…

·         Dreams to see the world
·         Dreams to stay connected to her buddies from her school and hometown
·         Dreams to publish her delicious recipes
·         Dream to know what’s happening in and around the globe
·         Dream to publish her poems
·         Dream to learn the fashion designing
·         Dream to dance to her tune of music
·         Dream to record her sound
·         Dream to gain the fame… and many more

One fine day, Manisha’s grandson introduced her to the brand new MotoE. Her grandson, Raj, explained her the unmatched feature of this so-called ‘phone’, which was much beyond just a phone. With this, she realized that ‘Better late and never..’ It’s time to #ChooseToStart living her dreams.
With the smartphone that she got gifted by Raj, she first thought of getting hands-on how to use the smartphone. With such user-friendly features of MotoE, it was within 2 days that Manisha was totally comfortable operating the phone.

With this development, Manisha #ChooseToStart with her dream of publishing her recipes. This idea came to her mind, as since her childhood days she has been appreciated and applauded on her cooking skills and the delicious cuisines she serves.

She started off by creating a blog, where she could make a bank of all the recipes she had. She was posting one recipe everyday with pictures of her yummy dishes from her smartphone camera. Within a week, she had more than 1000 followers. Some of the followers from her blog started demanding cooking classes. Most of her followers were from big cities and she resided in a small town, hence to break this distance barrier, Manisha started taking online cooking classes through her smartphone MotoE. Within a month, she has more than 100 students !

Manisha's blog

With this blog and online classes, she got so much attention that she became famous in the country. Today, Manisha is a renowed chef. You can read her recipes over blog, you tube videos, join her classes online, etc. This has all been possible via smartphone MotoE, as Manisha #ChooseToStart.
Now, the next move that Manisha is planning, is to the live her other dreams and she is very confident that with a dream and the thirst to live that dream, one can fulfill whatever s/he wants.

 Manisha's Online students

Hence, I would strongly recommend that you should #ChooseToStart living your dreams. Life is too short to let it go ‘just like that’. Manisha #ChooseToStart with MotoE, what about you?