Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Outlook towards life re-visited :)

Seema, an ambitious girl, from Kolkata had done her MBA from a renowned business school in India. Post MBA, she got placed with a top rated FMCG as a Sales Manager.

Although, being an ambitious girl, she was brought up in an orthodox fashion where girls were pampered and protected to a great extent, girls travelling alone was not ‘safe’, etc.

But the job that Seema got from her MBA college was firstly in FMCG and secondly, her first stint in the job demanded her to travel to the remote locations of North Eastern India, Bihar and Jharkhand. These places are known to be ‘unsafe’. The second stint demanded her to travel extensively in National Capital Region, popularly known as ‘Rape city of India’

Now, when Seema got the scheduled for her first two stints on the day 3 of her job, she became skeptical and was tensed but the remote locations that she needs to go and interact with the local people there. In this situation, she consulted her best friend, Ruchi, as to, what should she do.
Now, Ruchi being a forward outgoing female, she encouraged Seema to go ahead and take up the assignments as a challenge. The challenge was not of completing the work assigned, the challenge was to take the so-called ‘fear’ out of her mind and soul. Ruchi insisted that since it was a corporate assignment, the travel arrangements, accommodation arrangements, conveyance arrangements, etc. would be safe to a great extent. Also, even if during the travel, Seema feels that something is not right, she can always connect to the helpline, Safety manager or her Reporting manager to seek whatever help she needed. Ruchi insisted that not taking up the assignment would make Seema coward for life!

Seema had received the air tickets to Guwahati (a city in North Eastern India) and the flight was after two days.

After two days of serious thoughts and sleepless nights, she went ahead, took the challenge and on-boarded the flight. What happened next…

This was the first flight that she had earned, that is, it was not paid by her parents, rather her job got her this air travel – Seema felt super excited about this feeling when the flight took off.
When she landed in Guwahati, she had a cab waiting for her to take her to the company guest house. The cab driver was standing with her name ‘Seema Jain’ on a placard in the arrival section of the Guwahati airport. Seema got super excited to get this treatment for the first time.

The company guest house was also a 5 star – excitement, again.

She had four days of stay in Guwahati, wherein she visited various remote villages and interacted with lots of local people. She completed her assignment and returned to corporate office before leaving for National Capital region.

Her work was applauded by all seniors in the organization.

The night after Seema had her assignment review, the CHANGE for GOOD happened. She reflected back on last 15 days and found that what all she would have missed if she would not have taken the BOLD step of going to North East. She would have missed all the excitement, THE journey, the perspective she again and last but not the least, applaud that she got.

Now, Seema is confident of achieving anything in life! #StartANewLife