Saturday, June 20, 2015

Love You, Papa !

Dad – I want this, I want that and the list goes on. We simply move on, as and when, our wish-list gets fulfilled. Well, some of us do thank our dad - But, is that all? Many times we feel, it is his responsibility to fulfil our needs and hence, do not appreciate the love and sacrifices made by our Father as we grow up!

Sitting back and remembering those days, make me introspect whether I have done my bit to thank my dad enough? -  For everything he has done, so that I get whatever I wanted and be successful in my life.

·         Very early on, my dad bore the brunt of my teacher in place of me when I did not do well in studies, but he only encouraged me and educated me the benefits of working hard
·         He hugged me, became my story teller and made me sleep when I did not keep well
·         He taught me to ride my first bicycle so that I can enjoy the wind behind me
·         He gave me extra pocket money so that I can party with my friends
·         He fulfilled all my wishes so that I was not sad and would always remain happy.
·         He guided me through my studies, my career decisions without ever imposing his thoughts
·         He also told me to enjoy life as it comes and do what I feel is right

Well … I think he grew with me, changed himself again and again so that he can keep pace with me to understand me and my needs, sacrificing his personal desires along the way.

My dad was happier than me when I got my first job, a feeling of achievement as he has lived his dreams through me.

We always make the mistake of thinking that as our parents grow old, we will start taking care of them and the role will reverse but alas, it still continues the same way. We need their emotional support, their guidance more than they need ours.

Dad used to hug me when I was small so that I feel secure in his arms. As I grew up, he continued hugging me so as to assure me that he is my friend and I can share all my issues with him.  Now, I feel it is time that I need to tightly hug my dad and say thank you for being my guide, my friend, my advisor.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.